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Why Shemrock

Our Curriculum

Shemrock – One of the Best CBSE Schools in Sonipat

As a top CBSE school in Sonipat, Shemrock Futuristic School, is the first choice of many parents.


CBSE is the Most popular private school board in India- With 90% of the private schools affiliated with CBSE. CBSE offers a number of advantages over other boards such as:

  • Less Burden
  • More Focus on Science & Math Focus
  • Syllabus aligned with the Medical & Engineering Entrance Exams
  • Better for a majority of Indian Universities
  • Better for those with Transferable Jobs
  • More Scholarships available
  • Easier to get Tutors

As one of the most respected schools in Sonipat, we are serious about what we teach and how we teach. Hence, our rich, broad and balanced SHEMEduMaxTM curriculum which is developed by an in-house team of researchers and educators. This is to ensure that all children reach their full potential during their time with us.

Shemrock Futuristic School, Gurugram is powered by the unique, in-house, research-based, child-friendly and comprehensive school system and curriculum – ShemEduMAXTM, which integrates Conducive Learning Environment, Child-Centered Curriculum, Engaging Teaching methods and personalised assessment to make learning interesting, engaging and motivating.



A curriculum is considered the “heart” of any learning institution.

An integral part of formal education, the curriculum has become a dynamic process due to the changes that occur in our society. Thus, to match with the constant changing times, a carefully-planned, dynamic curriculum is required.

SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Gurugram is powered by the unique in-house, research-based curriculum- ShemEduMAXTM, which has been designed keeping in mind the learning needs of the children. It is a Child-Centered Curriculum with Engaging Teaching Methods and Personalised Assessment in a Conducive Learning Environment. Designed by Award-winning Educationists of India, the curriculum is the result of over 28 years of in-depth research and teaching-learning experiences.
ShemEduMAXTM works on not only strengthening the core subject-skills but inculcating strong moral values in the children as well. Thus, it enables them to maximise their potential and evolve as self-confident, self-assured, emotionally balanced and contributing citizens!
The essence of ShemEduMAXTM is best captured by its motto – “Bringing School Education Alive!”

We are entirely self-reliant in developing curriculum and the related learning resources; hence, our in-house team of academicians and education experts develops concept-based curriculum books, customised workbooks, activity-based writing books, educational DVDs, etc. everything is handpicked and analysed to enhance the teaching- learning process.

We strongly believe that teaching is more than just rote-learning from textbooks, and the lessons are very critical and should be detailed, comprehensive & child-centred. These attributes form the cornerstone of the lesson plans at SHEMFORD.

The curriculum for the 21st Century child